Alabaman BioEnergy LLC has developed the least expensive per gallon method of developing B100 bio diesel, effectively placing the state of Alabama on the cutting edge of alternative fuel technology – a vital sector poised for further growth over the coming years. This fully equipped facility offers a robust B100 biodiesel production capacity, and could potentially be converted for ethical or jet fuel production.

The plant includes 40,000 square feet of buildings (including a modern 2,000 square foot building with corporate offices) on a sprawling property of 28 commercially zoned acres.


Major on-site equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following key items:

  • Two custom-made, 6,000-gallon, stainless steel reactors for biodiesel.
  • Fourteen overnight, 7,000-gallon tanks (five of the 7,000-gallon tanks have already been plumbed and contain sprinkler systems).
  • Twenty 100-gallon, cone-bottom reactor tanks.
  • Twenty 15-gallon Methanol and NaOH cone-tanks installed in custom steel racks on top of the twenty 100-gallon reactor tanks.
  • Three 30,000-gallon vertical steel receiving (feedstock) tanks.
  • Three 30,000-gallon vertical steel tanks for product installed on new supporting concrete pads.

All of the above tanks and reactors are located in close proximity to each other. In addition, a new steel building with 30-foot high ceilings and concrete flooring can provide space for the same equipment to be duplicated four times.

The plant currently owns and operates one 18-wheeler tanker trucks, one 2,000-gallon delivery truck, one 2,000-gallon UVO suction tanker-truck, and three 46-foot flatbed 18-wheeler trailers.

Please refer to our more detailed Equipment Addendum for a comprehensive list of machinery, vehicles, and other equipment available for purchase, individually or as part of a sale of the entire property. The current combined value of all plant equipment is $BLANK.

The Plant